Account Balance Inquiry

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How can I find my account balance?


You can view your account balance in online banking, on your mobile app, or phone banking.  

Online Banking

To view this via online banking, login to the system.  Once in the system, your account summary displays all open accounts at NDFCU.

Please note that you will see your Available Balance and Actual Balance.  These will vary based on whether you have any outstanding items on hold to pay.  Available is what is in your account after taking the holds into consideration.

Mobile Banking

If you are logging in using your mobile device, once you login, the menu page will display.  Select Savings/Checking from your menu options.

You are now able to view your savings and checking accounts.   When you select the "Activity" Button (1), you will see all items on hold for this account.   You will see your Available balance which is your actual minus the items from the activity window.  

Phone Banking

You can also use our phone banking option.  

  • Dial 800-522-6611
  • Select option 2 for the 24 hour account access  
  • Select your language of preference:  1 for English or 2 Spanish
  • Enter your member number and select the # sign
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number and select the # sign
  • Choose balance inquiry from the menu option 










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