International use for Debit or Credit Cards

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Can I use my Notre Dame FCU debit or credit card internationally?


Yes! Both your debit and your credit card can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted. Keep in mind that a fee will be imposed on all foreign transactions, including purchases, cash withdrawals, cash advances, and credits to your account. A foreign transaction is any transaction that you complete or a merchant completes on your card outside the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

There is a nominal fee for international use: debit cards 1% and credit cards are 2%.


NOTE:  Please keep in mind that all cards are blocked in all countries on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list. We also have our debit cards blocked in Spain, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Nigeria.  Our credit cards are blocked in Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Mali, Ukraine, and Nigeria. Should you be traveling to any of these other countries (not on the OFAC list), we can allow a limited number of daily purchases during your visit with a two-day advance notice.

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