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Orange arrow How do I transfer from one NDFCU account to another?

  You can transfer funds within NDFCU using online banking. Login to online banking and select My Accounts then Transfer Money located under the Manage heading. If you have multiple accounts, you can transfer funds to any of them listed on your profile. You can transfer funds to make payments ...
Orange arrow How can I set up an automatic funds transfer to a loan or account within my membership?

  You can either set up a recurring funds transfer within online banking (which can be altered or removed by you at any time) or contact us to set that up for you. Please note, if a Notre Dame FCU representative sets this up, you will need to contact them again to make any changes or remove the trans...
Orange arrow If I have an Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) set up to make a loan payment and I make my payment another way, will it still transfer?

  This will depend on how you set up the automatic funds transfer. If you set it up in your online banking, the available funds will transfer every time, no matter if you make a payment another way. If you set up your automatic funds transfer with a Notre Dame FCU representative, you can specif...
Orange arrow When will my automatic funds transfer process?

  Automatic funds transfers are processed in the evening after business hours on the date that you schedule it. For example: If you set up a transfer for the 5th of the month, the funds will transfer the evening of the 5th. If you want the funds to be available on the 5th, you will need to set ...
Orange arrow What will happen if I do not have funds available for a scheduled automatic funds transfer?

  If the funds are not available on the scheduled date, the automatic funds transfer will not process. We will not overdraw an account. Please note that once funds are available, we will attempt to fulfill the automatic funds transfer....

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