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Orange arrow Is there a stop payment fee?

  There is a nominal fee to stop a payment on a check or ACH from your account. Please review our Truth in Savings disclosures for the most up to date fees....
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Orange arrow How does a stop payment work on an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) or Electronic Payments? What if I only authorized one payment?

  If you submit a stop payment on an ACH and the merchant enters a different amount than what you requested, the transaction will process. Once you complete the verification process for an ACH, the only way to stop future payment requests is to close the checking account. Please review the Truth i...
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Orange arrow How can I do a stop payment on a check?

  You can please a stop payment on a check, using online banking. Once you login, select My Account (1) and then select Check Stop Payment (2). Once there, select the account from the drop down menu, enter the starting and ending check number to stop, and then select the Stop Payment button. Ple...
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Orange arrow How long will it take to process a stop payment and how long will you keep it on file?

  We will process a completed stop payment request the same business day it is received and it will remain on file for six (6) months. Please allow up to three (3) business days....
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