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Orange arrow Do I already need to have online accounts before using ND MoneyWorks?

  Yes, you need to set up online accounts with any financial institution you want to access using ND MoneyWorks. The system imports data from your online accounts. Once set up, you will not need to make changes unless you change your passwords....
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Orange arrow How long does it take to use ND MoneyWorks the first time?

  First-time users usually take 20-25 minutes to fully complete the process. But, this can be done over time if you wish - ND MoneyWorks saves your information so when you log back in, you can pick up where you left off!...
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Orange arrow Is there a mobile app for ND MoneyWorks?

  A ND MoneyWorks app is available for use on Android and Apple devices. Refer to the MoneyWorks Mobile page under Your Services for instructions on how to activate your mobile account and download the app (1)....
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Orange arrow How does ND MoneyWorks get my account information?

  ND MoneyWorks connects to Notre Dame FCU and other institutions through secure connections by using your user ID and password for each institution to collect your financial data. This is how it provides real time updates and helps you manage your finances on the go....
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Orange arrow Why does ND MoneyWorks require an active email address?

  ND MoneyWorks uses your email address as your unique user ID to verify your account during sign-up, to send alerts and for occasional communications from Notre Dame FCU....
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Orange arrow How can I start using ND MoneyWorks?

  Your account comes with our ND MoneyWorks desktop application as well as the free mobile app available. You can take advantage of this by following the steps below: 1) Become a member of Notre Dame FCU 2) Sign up for ND MoneyWorks by logging in to online banking and selecting the personal ...
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Orange arrow What personal finance software is compatible with my Notre Dame FCU account?

  We recommend using NDMoneyWorks, powered by MoneyDesktop. ND MoneyWorks is integrated into online banking and empowers you to take control of your finances, simplifying your life....
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Orange arrow I am still not comfortable with using ND MoneyWorks, do you have other training available?

  Once you login to the application, you will find built-in tutorials, videos and a knowledge bank to help you set up and manage your accounts....
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Orange arrow What is ND MoneyWorks?

  ND MoneyWorks is a personal financial management service that combines, organizes and tracks all of your financial information. With it, you can track expenses, create budgets, set goals and plan for the future....
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Orange arrow Is ND MoneyWorks secure?

  Yes, using ND MoneyWorks is very safe. Protecting our members' data is vital at Notre Dame FCU. We, and our partners use the latest technology to ensure your accounts are safe and secure. All data is transmitted over SSL with a VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL Certificate....
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Orange arrow I received a notification email from MoneyDesktop. Is this legitimate?

  Yes. Notre Dame FCU has partnered with MoneyDesktop to bring you ND MoneyWorks. Some email notifications from ND MoneyWorks will originate from Money Desktop....
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Orange arrow How can I access ND MoneyWorks?

  ND MoneyWorks can be accessed through Notre Dame FCU online banking (2) or through the MoneyWorks Mobile App (3)....
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Orange arrow How long will it take to get an answer to my ND MoneyWorks question?

  The support team tries to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible, typically within a few hours. However, responses may take up to 1 business day if you are contacting us outside of the standard business hours....
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Orange arrow Can I export data from ND MoneyWorks?

  Yes! In the desktop version, you can export from the Transactions tool (1) by selecting the export option (2) and select "Export CSV" (3)....
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Orange arrow Who can use ND MoneyWorks?

  ND MoneyWorks is a free service offered to Notre Dame FCU members. If you are not a member, and would like to see if you are eligible to become one, please call us at 800-522-6611. Follow the prompts to speak to one of our Shamrock Center Agents....
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