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Orange arrow With what browser is this website compatible?

  For the best viewing experience, please use Google Chrome, FireFox, or Internet Explorer 8 or higher. When viewing in Internet Explorer, please make sure that the browser is not set to view with compatibility settings. You can un-check this box in the compatibility view settings under tools. S...
Orange arrow Is there a limit to how much money I can withdraw when using my debit card?

  Yes. The standard ATM withdrawal limit is $100 per day however, as a member, you can request to raise your maximum limit to $400 per day. Feel free to stop by your local branch or call the Shamrock Center for assistance....
Orange arrow Do you offer safe deposit boxes?

  Yes, we offer safe deposit boxes. Please contact the branch to check for availability and size. We currently offer safe deposit boxes at the following branch locations: Moreau: 574-400-4660 Portage: 574-400-4860 Edison: 574-400-4800 Granger: 574-400-4840...
Orange arrow Can I make a deposit at a non-Notre Dame FCU ATM?

  Yes, but please be aware that it may take longer for the funds to be available in your account. The time varies on the institution as they may place a hold on the funds....
Orange arrow Can you explain how payments made to my credit card via online banking from my external account will work?

  Contact us for a representative to help set up the external account for you. No forms are required and the service is free. Once the Notre Dame FCU representative sets this up, you will be able to make payments to your Notre Dame FCU credit card from an external account through online banking. Aft...
Orange arrow What is the routing number for Notre Dame Federal Credit Union?

  The routing number is 271291596 and is located on the bottom left corner of your personal checks....
Orange arrow What fees do you charge?

  A complete listing of our fees can be found in our Truth in Savings on our site under the disclosures....
Orange arrow When do transactions post to my account?

  The below schedule is an estimated time frame of when transactions may occur in your account and not a guarantee of the time of transaction: Transaction Time of Day ACH Electronic Deposits Morning Debit/Credit Card Transactions Throughout the day Wire Transfers T...
Orange arrow What is the difference between actual balance and available balance?

  Actual Balance is the amount of money that is in the account; for example in the image below the account shows $37.64 Available Balance is the amount of money that is in the account after all pending transactions have cleared; for example in the image below the account shows $32.64. Save If you ...
Orange arrow How do I open a Christmas Club or Special Savings Account?

  There are several online options available to you. To open a Christmas Club or Special Savings Account, login to your online account. From there, select New Accounts and go to More Info under Open a New Savings or Checking Account. You will now see the accounts available to open online. In...
Orange arrow How do I change my name on my account?

  Due to security reasons, we ask that you either go to a local branch to fill out the appropriate forms or contact the Shamrock Center at 800-522-6611 and follow the prompts to contact an agent who will be able to assist you with this request....
Orange arrow Do you offer Visa Gift Cards?

  Yes, we currently offer Visa ® gift cards at all of our branch locations for a nominal fee which can be found under Truth in Savings under our disclosures link....

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